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Star Trek TNG Uniform Tee

Star Trek TNG Uniform Tee


Captain on the bridge

We all have questions about Deanna Troi's uniform choices. Why doesn't she have to wear Starfleet standard issue? Why did she choose that weird asymmetrical blue dress? And why, exactly, is Enterprise the only ship in the fleet with a psychic counselor at the captain's left hand?

All of these problems could be solved pretty quickly with this Star Trek uniform tee, inspired by the TNG uniforms. If Counselor Troi had seen the comfort and quality of these casual Starfleet duds, she would have ditched her pastel dresses in a minute.

Each TNG Uniform Tee is made from high-quality cut-and-sew construction with a 50% polyester / 50% cotton blend. Sparkly comm badges and pips are screenprinted. Imported.

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