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Macmillan Puppy Tales Collection - 12 Books

Macmillan Puppy Tales Collection - 12 Books


Does a child you know love puppies and love reading? Our 12-book Puppy Tales Collection from Jenny Dale will have them barking with delight...
Meet Max, Merlin, Lily, Lenny and more throughout these heart-warming and adorable stories. Sure to appeal to fans of Holly Webb and the Animal Rescue, these tales are full of action and feature a puppy for every storytelling collection.
Billy likes to make out he's a brave puppy but he's actually a coward, while Greedy Gus' snacking habit is always getting him into trouble... Amazing animal stories with plenty of action for children aged 5+.

Titles in this collection (12)
Lily the Lost Puppy
Lenny the Lazy Puppy
Gus the Greedy Puppy
Billy the Brave Puppy
Fergus the Friendly Puppy
Tilly the Tidy Puppy
Hattie the Homeless Puppy
Nipper the Noisy Puppy
Max the Mucky Puppy
Merlin the Magic Puppy
Spot the Sporty Puppy
Spike the Special Puppy

Recommended Age : 5+
Dimensions: 19.6cm x 12.9cm

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