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LEGO City 60086 Starter Set

LEGO City 60086 Starter Set


Vroom… bang! The crook is making a getaway aboard his high-powered speedboat with a backpack full of loot when the outboard motor bursts into flames. Call in the fireboat to douse the flames! Uh-oh, the crook needs medical attention! Jump aboard the medical rescue helicopter, land on the water and assist the injured crook. When you’re done, radio the high- speed police watercraft waiting offshore. It’s time to slap the handcuffs on the confused crook!

  • Features a helicopter which includes a stretcher , police car with trailer and watercraft, speedboat and fireboat 
  • Police car with trailer and watercraft includes a walkie-talkie, handcuffs and a fire extinguisher 
  • Crook’s boat includes a crowbar, backpack, 2 banknotes and flames. Fireboat includes 2 fire extinguishers 
  • Helicopter Assembled Dimensions: 17L x 18W x 9H cm
  • Police ATV Assembled Dimensions: 7L x 5W x 5H cm Trailer Assembled Dimensions: 6L x 5W x 2H cm
  • Police Watercraft Assembled Dimensions: 6L x 3W x 3H cm
  • Fireboat Assembled Dimensions: 18L x 8W x 6H cm
  • Speedboat Assembled Dimensions: 9L x 5W x 2H cm
  • Suitable for ages 5-12 years
  • Contents: 2 firefighters, a pilot, crook and a police officer minifigures with assorted accessories

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