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Lego 31010 Tree House

Lego 31010 Tree House


You can unlock the secret trapdoor, climb up the fold-down ladder and hide away with the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Treehouse Set, which comes with a hollow tree with a hidden treasure map to discover before setting off on an adventure. Use the winch to haul up the red bucket when it's full of water and fold up the ladder to help keep unwanted visitors from finding your treehouse. Use the yellow wagon to carry all the supplies you need. Then, rebuild the treehouse into a lakeside hut with a jetty, a pizza oven and a removable roof for easy access. When you're finished playing on the water, rebuild the house yet again to create a two-story barn with a garden, a large wheelbarrow and a ladder for reaching the upper level. This 356-piece LEGO set has plenty of fun accessories.
Product Highlights
Build a lakeside hut with a removable roof, a jetty and an oven for cooking pizza
Your mini figure can enjoy the water from the dock
Plant a garden in front of the two-floor barn, and use the hard-working winch to haul vegetables into the upper floor
The fun treehouse features a fold-down ladder that can be pulled up and a secret trapdoor to help keep your getaway a secret
Buckets and a wagon help you haul supplies
Open the secret trap door and follow the treasure map that can be hidden in a hollow tree for exciting adventures
Removable roof on the treehouse allows you to reach the sleeping area easily
What's Included
LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Treehouse
Two tree trunks
Sleeping mat
Yellow wagon
Treasure map
Child mini figure
Dog mini figure
Two buckets
Other accessories

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