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I void warranties

I void warranties


You may call yourself a tinkerer, a techie, a builder, a hacker, a fabricator, a decontructionist, a DIY enthusiast, a maker, a baker or even a candlestick maker. You have a compelling desire to understand how something works. You aren't content with LED status lights and plastic casings - you *need* to see the wiring and to understand which types of integrated circuits are being used (digital or mixed signal?). Your fingers show soldering iron scars. You have a shoebox filled with capacitors and inductors. You know how to build it back bigger, better, and stronger. But most importantly, you void warranties. And you're damn good at it.

100% cotton black heavyweight t-shirt with the phrase 'I void warranties' on it front and center. Beneath the phrase are nine different types of screwdriver heads - including Clutchead, Hex, Bristol, Robertson Square-Tips and Torx! Note that this is a slightly distressed print, which means it is intentionally aged, missing a few bits of ink here and there.

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