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Crest of Hyrule

Crest of Hyrule


It's good to be a Hylian. You've got a benevolent monarchy that rules over a land formed by goddesses. You've got diverse landscape for all types -- woods, swamps, deserts, mountains. You have lakes and waterfalls for vacations. Temples for the religiously inclined. And a gorgeous castle. Yeah, it's good to be a Hylian. Except for the whole Imprisoning War bit. And the Twilit Invasion. And the flooding. But that's what you have a hero for. You wouldn't need a hero if everything was perfect.

Be a card-carrying denizen of Hyrule (er, well, shirt-carrying) with this Crest of Hyrule tee. The crest is printed in yellow on the green shirt (distressed, as if you have been busy defending the kingdom in your spare time) and in white on the black 100% cotton t-shirt.

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