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Blue Sun

Blue Sun


In this crazy 26th century, Blue Sun is the company you can depend on. You probably know us through some of the universe's favorite foods, including Blue Sun Cola and Fruity Oaty Bars, but we do more than that. Much more. We go where we are needed, and wherever there are settlers, there's a need for Blue Sun. We work to identify and address problems in colonies and create solutions, spreading happiness wherever we go. We are committed to creating sustainable colonies, because you are Blue Sun's most valuable product!

We have a presence in locations as varied as the Space Bazaar Sky Plex and downtown Capital City on Osiris. And although you can find us throughout the universe, you'll find our approach is very close-to-home -- very hands-on. Our goal is to be right there for you -- always! Terraforming can turn a rock into a habitable world, but the presence of Blue Sun makes a place truly livable.

We'd be proud for you to wear one of our corporate logo shirts. Our logo is printed in navy blue on a military green 100% cotton shirt. Goes well with everything, whether you're a mudder or an accountant.

Editor's note: This is NOT identical to Jayne's shirt on the show. His shirt uses a Chinese character for blue which was deprecated as the show progressed. The Serenity logo is printed on this shirt, smaller, beneath the Blue Sun text. The military green of the standard shirt is less saturated than the green of the babydoll version.

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